Swing Trading Strategies

Swing Trading Strategies

Swing Trading Strategies – Swing is the absolute best market for anyone to try their hand at trading, with rewards huge and risks equally great. Traders can get amazing because of just how much the market moves every single day, sometimes up or down, just as often as a row of bells.

This market moves a lot, a lot more than stock markets or the bond or futures markets. With bond trading the market moves a average of 100-150 points a day, with stocks it’s 60-80 points a day. With the huge amount of currency traded every single day across the globe Swing trading is the place to be.

The most liquid market in the world Swing trading follows the currency trend. When a currency is rising in value for example the value of the underlying commodity will be behind the rise and so the entire market will begin to follow the trend. This means there are massive opportunities for profit. Just like a rising ball eventually drops, so the market will continue to rise and fall and then pop back up at a higher price.

This is the perfect market for anyone to enter because its hugely liquid, tight and even the best time to enter the market. For whatever reason people believe it takes a lot of skill and effort to swing trade successfully, well if it’s skill then it’s a skill that will be obsolete as a central bank runs the currency bubble.

Its amazing how something so simple as trading trends works so well. All you need to do is to get out early when the trend reverses and take your profits. Its amazing how something so simple as trading trends works so well. Now with the skill that I have, with access to the forums and free Forex trading software, I am quite literally an expert trader on swing trading.

So you ask the question to start. How much skill do I need to be a top-shelf trader? Well its funny, the more you study, the luckier you get. For skill level I would need to be in the top 20% of the traders of the world. So here’s my hint. When ever you start see a pretty seed of a pips hill you should hold back till the price is lower. The chances are your instincts will let you know to get the wrong side of the trade if you are relatively new.

The cool thing is that its so simple and almost too obvious. All you need is to watch a pretty clear trend on a currency chart. Once you notice aFarmately trending up or down, you enter a market order for sell USDCHF. Once your order is in, you are now long the USDCHF. Now Farm Lane will begin to reverse, as the USDCHF begins to fall. You simply place your next sell order for USDCHF. You could be in a position to close around 1.3200, but you want to get out before the rate begins to fall. So you sell at 1.3000. You will be in a profit of 100 pips.

Now just sit back and let the program do its thing. The cool thing with trading like this is that its so incredibly easy. The first time I saw this I was a bit confused, but after thinking about it more I was sold.

Forex Trading Mistakes

If you want to learn Forex trading you can, it’s a learned skill but you need to aware of the 3 Forex trading mistakes enclosed and avoid them. The majority of traders lose money and you must avoid them! Let’s take a look at them.

tighten Stops to Quickly

Most new traders are so keen to make a profit, they place stops too close and get stopped out by random volatility. Then they see the trade go back the way they thought and make thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and their not in!

Keep in mind you can’t predict where prices will go and you need to trail your stop outside of random volatility.

Borrow to Spend Money

This is OK on a small account but leveraged accounts make this clearer.

On a small account you can get the odds on your side and win but on leveraged accounts you need at least 2 times the money to make the same profit.

Today there is a huge market in telling you that you can trade with low leverage and make money – but this is rubbish.

You can’t win with low leverage and no big money!

Deal With Risk and leverage

If you get the odds on your side, you can win and make bigger profits, so deal with it correctly and keep your leverage low. Swing Trading Strategies

10 Secret Winning Forex Trading Tips

1. Trade with momentum

Sure you have missed the start of the trend but as you can’t predict that anyway, you will never enter a trade against the trend.

No trader yet knows how to do this; as they want to buy market tops and sell market bottoms.

2. Don’t Predict!

If you want to win you need to predict price change; if you don’t use momentum indicators to time your trading signals, you won’t do this and the reason is simple – you are predicting what will happen and that’s not possible.

Think of how many people try and put 5 stochastics on their charts to prove, that they can win all the time.Well, 5 stochastics wont help you win 5 stochastics wont help you win.

You need to trade the reality of price change, as you see it on a Forex chart, to get the odds on your side. with Discipline

Don’t let the emotions get involved.If you let them get involved, you will get wiped out.It’s the same with learning a method – you need to trade it through losing periods with discipline until you achieve success.If you can’t trade a method with discipline, you don’t have a method!

4. Be patient and Trade the Reality

There are no certainties in Forex trading just probabilities and to win you need to trade the reality of price change.So forget predicting and listening to the news and focus on doing what the market DOESN’T want you to do!

You won’t always win and you will lose for long periods – but if you trade the reality of price change, with a simple robust system, you can emerge a winner. Swing Trading Strategies

Final Words

The above are all commonly accepted wisdoms, yet oldest and most help losing traders make their losses! So don’t believe experts, trade the reality and win.

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